Centre director
Michael Wagner

Gabi Kaindl, Nadja Holzleitner, Simone Gysel Wiederhold, Silvia Jankovic, Sabine Kranzl, Christof Oberwalder, Christine Wagner

 • David Berry
 • Holger Daims
 • Thilo Hofmann
 • Matthias Horn
 • Christina Kaiser
 • Stephan Krämer
 • Alexander Loy
 • Jill Petersen
 Thomas Rattei
 • Andreas Richter
 • Michael Wagner
 • Wolfgang Wanek
 • Dagmar Woebken

More detailed information on the members of the four divisions
at the centre is available separately at:

 • CUBE staff list
 • DOME staff list
 • EDGE staff list
 • TER staff list

A complete list of all members of the centre can be found here.