Vienna Design Week MAK: Circular Flows


Monday, 30. September 2019, 18:30

Laufen Innovation Hub at the Marienstiege
Salzgries 21, 1010 Vienna

Thilo Hofmann from EDGE will discuss at Vienna Design Week MAK about recovering nitrogen “Design takes for Human Survival”. The talks will be joined by a performance from Lucie Strecker and Mary Maggic. Background is the Laufen CIRCULAR FLOWS EOOS Design introducing the principle of the Save! toilet with urine trap. The nitrogen contained in human urine is prevented from entering natural waterways and can be reclaimed at little expense for use as a valuable resource. This item in the Sustainable Design category at the Laufen Innovation Hub is juxtaposed with two artworks from the field of BioArt: Mary Maggic’s video “Housewives Making Drugs” shows how molecules are extracted from ground water for private hormone therapy, and Lucie Strecker’s fairground attraction and live performance “Brains’ Shit for Shit Brains” speculates on the importance of microbial diversity in sociopolitical contexts.