About the Centre

The Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science brings together 15 working groups, and addresses two key scientific disciplines of the 21st century with enormous potential for synergy across disciplines. The Centre strives to lead the way in world-class research with a focus on the topic of microbiomes in medicine and the environment.

Head: Michael Wagner

Vice Heads: Thilo Hofmann, Andreas Richter

The Centre comprises 15 working groups organized in four divisions at the Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, which is headed by Matthias Horn, Thomas Rattei and Alexander Loy, and the Department of Environmental Geosciences, headed by Stephan Kraemer, Frank von der Kammer and Thorsten Hüffer.

Divisions at the Centre
 • CUBE - Computational Systems Biology
 • DOME - Microbial Ecology
 • EDGE - Environmental Geosciences
 • TER - Terrestrial Ecosystem Research

List of working groups and staff
Centre Office